Design for recycling

.jpg UCS develops the following standardized projects for Electrification Department of the Russian Railways: KS-160 for railway vehicles showing the speed up to 160 km/h and catenary suspensions for railway sections allowing the speed up to 200-250 km/h.

The projects that we develop use the cutting-edge technologies, strong mathematical basis as well as our extensive engineering and operation experience in informational support of the standardized designing.

UNIVERSAL CATENARY SYSTEMS has developed more than 50 types of standardized projects on a contact network. Projects approved by the Electrification and Power Supply Department of "RZD" for use on the Russian railway network.

Drafting of a contact network carries UCS only based on its own full-scale surveys.

Projects are accompanied by detailed additional information - installation drawings of reinforcement for each support or rigid cross member. When designing the development of reinforcement helps to ensure compliance with all distances in accordance with the requirements Rules of construction and technical operation of the Contact Network and standardized projects, monitor the collection construction, the correct standard sizes, ensure the accuracy of budgeting.

In developing plans for a contact network, if necessary, by designing power supply Non-tractive rail customers located in the railway stations and spans.

Performs field supervision during installation of the contact system produced by a working draft.

UCS also develops the standardized designs of catenary suspensions for specific environments such as high-speed trams.

Our solutions ensure the following:

  • High quality of current collection
  • Reduction of contact conductor wear
  • Exclusion of seasonal adjustment necessity
  • Minimization of maintenance and repair costs