...jpgVyacheslav A. Ivanov,

general director

An LIAI, Leningrad Institute for Aerospace Instrumentation (currently SUAI, Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation), 1962 graduate, Candidate of Science (Engineering), Doctor of Transport of the Academy for Transport of the Russian Federation; ITA (International Transport Academy) member. Author of numerous scientific works and inventions. Author of a discovery in the Information science branch. UCN founder and CEO. As long as the company exists, he directly takes part in UCN Scientific Research. Honored railwayman.

 ..jpgDmitry Y. Khrebtov,

chief engineer

tel extension: 5105

 ..JPGVladimir A. Troitsky,

deputy general director, chief financial officer

tel extension: 5222

 ..jpgEugene V. Kudryashov,

deputy chief engineer, R & D

tel extension: 5126

 .jpgViktor A. Buharov,

deputy chief engineer, Production

tel extension: 4116

 ..jpgAlexey Y. Kharitonov,

deputy chief engineer, Design

tel extension: 5228

 ..jpgNikolay V. Belyaev,

head of R & D

tel extension: 5220

 ..jpgDmitry I. Cherednikov,

chief specialist of the R & D

tel extension: 5123

 ..jpgMaxim V. Okladnikov,

head of the catenary system design

tel extension: 5227

 ..jpgSergey V. Klimov,

head of sales

tel extension: 5131